Bandeau shirred midi sundress in plaid asos

asos women

asos women

bandeau shirred midi sundress in plaid

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WOMEN bandeau shirred midi sundress in plaid

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asos reviews

  • Gabriel Granatowicz ASOS review Gabriel Granatowicz asos review, 2 days ago
    I had an issue with one of the items, wrong size. Sent it back, waited for the 21 business days, but due to COVID, they didn't receive it, so when I got to them, they issued a refund immediately. I extremely recommend them, very good price and amazing products. amazing Customer Support team as well.
  • Alina Teodora Soimaru ASOS review Alina Teodora Soimaru asos review, 2 days ago
    Had an issue with the order received as one of the items was missing. I was able to sort it out and get a replacement in less than 5 minutes. Excellent customer experience
  • Rebecca Kershaw ASOS review Rebecca Kershaw asos review, 2 days ago
    I got in touch with customer services before realising there was a live chat function. Both the live chat & customer services were back to me within minutes & issue resolved. Both were polite, friendly & massively helpful. Amazing customer service.
  • Rya Jdanaia ASOS review Rya Jdanaia asos review, 2 days ago
    Gnatta help me and had a clear explanation. Lady before Laurennie( I think so) she closed the chat without even ask me if this is all.
  • Kelly Webb ASOS review Kelly Webb asos review, 5 days ago
    The customer care representative I spoke to was very polite and sorted my issue quickly and efficiently. The experience was a positive one and I was very satisfied with asos' attitude to getting my issue sorted.

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