Club l london long sleeve off shoulder ruched detail mini

asos women

asos women

Club L London long sleeve off shoulder ruched detail mini dress in pink

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WOMEN Club L London long sleeve off shoulder ruched detail mini dress in pink

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asos reviews

  • Morgan Manning ASOS review Morgan Manning asos review, 1 days ago
    My package was never delivered or stolen and Erwin helped me reprocess the order so that I can get a replacement of the clothes I ordered.
  • Rebecca Cornell ASOS review Rebecca Cornell asos review, 2 days ago
    I had ordered two dresses from the UK. The order was a month late and tracking had not moved at all. Aliysha was WONDERFUL She really quickly checked my order and offered to refund or replace the order. It was all done so quickly. I was expecting it to be hard work. Thank you so much for your wonderful service Aliysha
  • Kimberly Ashley ASOS review Kimberly Ashley asos review, 2 days ago
    I have been struggling to hear back from customer service about an order I never received and felt like I was jumping through hoops to get a replacement order and finally Frances on the chat was able to solve my problem and I am completely happy
  • Charlotte Robinson ASOS review Charlotte Robinson asos review, 2 days ago
    Ejolyn was great. Quick and concise response and gave a suitable time limit for my refund to be resolved. Put more confidence in future shopping experiences knowing any problems will be resolved this way. Thank you. It would be great if we can select multiple order numbers before opening the chat (due to sending returns back together)
  • Donna Mackenzie ASOS review Donna Mackenzie asos review, 2 days ago
    I have always had a positive experience when shopping with ASOS and when speaking to customer service they have always been very friendly and helpful. However I really wish they'd change delivery company as the only times I have needed to contact them was due to issues with Hermes either delivering my order to the incorrect address or my items arriving broken

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