Fred perry pinstripe knitted dress in black asos

asos women

asos women

Fred Perry pinstripe knitted dress in black

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WOMEN Fred Perry pinstripe knitted dress in black

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asos reviews

  • Leons vinklis ASOS review Leons vinklis asos review, 3 hours ago
    I had a missing item in my order and I contacted customer support to resolve this issue. It went through so quick , person on the other end was so friendly and quick all process took less than 15 minutes .
  • Jessica Turner ASOS review Jessica Turner asos review, 11 hours ago
    I returned something to ASOS from Canada over a month ago using the service 'ReBound', unfortunately my tracking information has been showing the package as 'at local hub' for the last month and I was growing increasingly worried that I would not receive my refund due to the items not arriving back in time so I reached out today and spoke to Teddy and he was super helpful and friendly
  • Vicki Tyner ASOS review Vicki Tyner asos review, 13 hours ago
    I went on chat and spoke with Jack regarding my refund. Jack was very kind and professional and handled my concern very quickly - awesome customer service Jack
  • Rosco Williams ASOS review Rosco Williams asos review, 14 hours ago
    Good quality of underwear.. Purchased some of underwear for me from here.. No objections with size and quality.. Thanks.
  • KERRY D ASOS review KERRY D asos review, 16 hours ago
    I returned items but never received a refund, I contacted live chat and she was so unhelpful I was so upset by what was asked re proof (which I had given many times) and her approach when dealing with an honest, loyal customer. I then decided to end the conversation as I was getting no where and phoned customer service direct. It was like a breath of fresh air speaking with Simon....completely night and day compared to how I had been treated Simon was professional, friendly and completely took my feelings into consideration. He couldn't understand why I had been treated the way I had as it was so straightforward. It took literally minutes for him to rectify and refund all items returned. Due to Simon my faith in Asos is redeemed and deserves credit where credit is due. Thank you Simon for all your help and showing others what customer care is all about

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