Kickers mini overall dress with embroidery logo in vintage

asos women

asos women

Kickers mini overall dress with embroidery logo in vintage wash denim

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WOMEN Kickers mini overall dress with embroidery logo in vintage wash denim

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asos reviews

  • Shell Sneddon ASOS review Shell Sneddon asos review, 15 hours ago
    I spoke with Sam tonight about an issue with a broken bottle of moisturiser. They were amazing, super friendly, quick to resolve my issues and very professional. I've ordered hundreds of bits and bobs from ASOS and have never had an issue. Very happy customer
  • Newhappy ASOS review Newhappy asos review, 16 hours ago
    I received one item missing the box was empty for the eye brows pencil the customer care was good and promised to replace the item and send it but the connection was a little bit bad and I couldn t upload the photo
  • Laurie Kilbey ASOS review Laurie Kilbey asos review, 17 hours ago
    I had returned an order on Saturday 1st May and had received no further emails on the status of my order. I checked on Royal Mail and it had been delivered 4 days ago, and I had received no emails to say this and no refund as of yet. Joanna was extremely helpful and attentive, she dealt with the problem straight away and responded very quickly also with the outcome. She is a credit to your team, I find that many online retailers can take ages to respond... I ve had a fair few that are awful with chats but I am extremely happy with how quickly Joanna dealt with my situation and how polite and friendly she was. I am also happy with ASOS chats, first time I have used them and it s so easy to use and really quick responses. Delighted that Joanna said I had been her nicest customer all day too, we all need some kindness. Please feed this back to Joanna, she definitely deserves the praise
  • Shaun Carter ASOS review Shaun Carter asos review, 18 hours ago
    Chatted with rowena and they was a great help at sorting my missing item no problems and great customer service
  • Matt Hardy ASOS review Matt Hardy asos review, 19 hours ago
    After a failure of hermes staff meant my items never got to me and instead were dumped in an unsafe location which resulted in them being stolen. After several days I was advised I would have to contact the supplier (asos) this then needed another 48hrs to wait until they spoke to Hermes after already giving details numerous times. But now asos have got replacements on way fingers crossed these ones will get to me.

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