Plus occasion ruffle shift dress boohoo

boohoo women

boohoo women

Plus Occasion Ruffle Shift Dress

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WOMEN Plus Occasion Ruffle Shift Dress

Arrived this month
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boohoo reviews

  • Chanel Scholan BOOHOO review Chanel Scholan boohoo review, 3 days ago
    Alfonso, Dion and Ellie from the customer support team were so friendly non judgemental and helpful. Missing items were quickly fixed no problems at all. So impressed with their support.
  • Iram Hami BOOHOO review Iram Hami boohoo review, 3 days ago
    Amazing customer service Matthew was great Sorted my issue out straight away and his response time was very quick. I always order from boohoo and very rarely have issues, but if and when I do the team are all very good to sort me out Very happy customer
  • Claire BOOHOO review Claire boohoo review, 4 days ago
    I purchased a pair of leggings, changed quickly went out and didn t realise until a man shouted from a car that he could see parts of my body I only expose for my significant other. It was like I had left my home completely naked I felt rather liberated knowing that technically I could be arrested but also I was wearing clothes that were as opaque as a church window. Anyway long story short I hit up the boohoo team and asked them to help a brother out. They hooked me up with a fresh pair of leggings sent out next day delivery and suggested I donate the ones I had. I will be donating them to the man that jogs past my house as I d like to see him in a pair of see through leggings. So positive news all round. Seriously though great customer service I d like to say thank you to REX, TOM B and SKY. To my mum my nana, my kitty who has now sadly passed over and my uncles next door neighbours dog Walker.
  • Lauren Shannon BOOHOO review Lauren Shannon boohoo review, 4 days ago
    The fact you can get connected to someone so quick with any issues over WhatsApp is amazing I was dealing with a girl called Zarina she delt with my problem within 5 minutes a couple of my items came with marks that looked like they couldn t be washed out she first offered me a 50% refunded if wanted to try and wash out the stains I asked if I could get a discount for shipping as I didn t mind buying the jumper again she then told me she went ahead and resent the order which was really lovely and the fact I don t have to send the item back wait to be refunded to order again so thanks Zarina
  • Emily Moffitt BOOHOO review Emily Moffitt boohoo review, 5 days ago
    I received my order today to find the coat was damaged I messaged using WhatsApp A customer assistant called Sham helped me, really helpful, quick replies and had me sorted within 15 minutes. All with great humour and kindness. Very happy thank you

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