Summer breeze floral midi dress nastygal

nastygal women

nastygal women

Summer Breeze Floral Midi Dress

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WOMEN Summer Breeze Floral Midi Dress

Arrived in May
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nastygal reviews

  • Nicole Carabine NASTYGAL review Nicole Carabine nastygal review, 3 days ago
    Had a lovely assistant called sham who i spoke to via whats app. She answered my questions very quickly and was also very friendly but professional
  • Jessica Williams NASTYGAL review Jessica Williams nastygal review, 4 days ago
    Very helpful online chat service One of my items was faulty and the online chat service with Charl short for Charlotte was amazing and offered me a refund. Great quick efficient service
  • Millicent Macena NASTYGAL review Millicent Macena nastygal review, 5 days ago
    Amazing customer service My package was stolen from my front porch and the Nasty Gal team were more than willing to help out. I gave them my order details and Ismaeel gave me the choice of replacing the stolen items or receiving the refund. Personally, I chose the refund. Afterwards, Hannah H. confirmed everything was good to go. I'm so happy I shopped with Nasty Gal and I will definitely shop with them moving forward with the hope that I get to enjoy my clothes, haha Thank you Ismaeel and Hannah H. for being so kind and helpful in such a stressful situation. I really appreciate it
  • Nicole Russell NASTYGAL review Nicole Russell nastygal review, 6 days ago
    I am a regular customer at nastygal and with an order I had placed there seemed to be a manufacturing fault with the tracksuit I purchased. So, I emailed the customer service team and wow they were amazing They literally went above and beyond to resolve my issue offering a full refund and compensated me for another ruined item, I was amazed and still am with how the team (especially Lindsay) dealt with my claim. It gives me huge trust in buying from nastygal again knowing that any issue will be resolved so easily
  • Alyssa M. NASTYGAL review Alyssa M. nastygal review, 9 days ago
    Horrible horrible materials. So thin and feel like they will rip... even the plain loose t shirts I ordered fit weird. I ordered a few sizes. The size 0 was huge. The size 2 was too small. And the cute images on the site look so cheap in person. Like they make different materials for the models. Literally such bad quality And the clothes look terrible on They just don't fit right at all as if the proportions have gotten messed up. My body dysmorphia just came back from how bad everything looked. And the shipping is around 12 total for there and back which is not worth the money. DO NOT BUY Tip for consumers Dont Products used None Service Value Shipping Returns Quality Show more

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